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Lidget introduce new roof design

5th May 2010

Lidget concrete have improved the specification of the roof on the Apex range of concrete garages, workshops and sheds.

Lidget now specify Profile 5 fibre cement sheets, which are thicker and more durable than are used elsewhere in the market, and, in addition, a close fitting ridge is now supplied as standard. Not only does the roof look better and more substantial, it performs better.

The close fitting ridge provides a better seal when it overlaps the roof sheets, and, unique to Lidget, we have also introduced an internal galvanised steel gutter tray secured immediately behind the fascia and below the roof sheets, providing a better seal. The roof sheets are fixed to a fully engineered structure with rust proof fixings.

The whole roof structure is now probably the best in the industry.



  1. Substantial purpose designed fabricated steel trusses, factory treated in base coat metal primer.
  2. Traditional 70mm x 70mm timber purlins, fully treated with preservative in our factory.
  3. Purlins secured using galvanised steel hangers and fittings.
  4. Profile 5 fibre cement roof sheets are screwed to the purlins with rust proof fixings incorporating a fitted rubber seal washer.
  5. The ridge is closed with 12.5 degree corrugated fibre cement cappings and eaves sealed with profiled foam fillers to prevent wind rain and debris getting in.
  6. Unique to Lidget Concrete Garages, an internal galvanised steel gutter tray is secured immediately behind the fascia and below the roof sheets, providing a comprehensive rainwater seal.
  7. Commonly used hook bolts, nails, top lats and mastic sealants are not required in this design which provides a truly fit for purpose engineered roof system.

This newly engineered roof is now standard on all Apex Roof Garages, Sheds, Workshops and the whole Regency range, another example of Lidget Concrete’s continual product development, giving customers even better value for money.

For more details call the Lidget team on 01709 881844

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