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Benefits of Parking in the Garage

Parking your Car in the Garage

Traditionally, garages were made for parking cars. However, nowadays over half of the UK’s garages are used for other purposes – workshops, gyms, storage. These uses are all great, but we think that there are some pretty convincing reasons that car parking is still a garage purpose that you should seriously consider. And if you’re concerned about getting your garage parking ready, we’ve got all the tips to help you with that too.

Benefits of Parking in the Garage

Parking your car at the curb or in your driveway is all well and good, but when it comes to taking the very best care of your car, parking in a garage can’t be beaten. Whether you opt for Lean To or Pent Mansard, there are so many fantastic benefits to garage parking.

Protect from Thieves

Did you know that there were 108,542 car thefts in the UK in 2021/22? Parking your car in a garage can help to ensure you don’t add to that number.

Leaving your car out in the open leaves it vulnerable to being broken into, plus it leaves it on display to entice thieves. With garage parking, your car is concealed and protected by thick and sturdy concrete walls. Plus, we have some excellent security tips to help your garage keep your car extra safe.  

Protect from Cold Weather

The cold weather can have a terrible effect on your car. The acid in rain and snow can wear away the topcoat of your car paint and contribute to rusting. The low temperatures also have a negative effect on the internal workings of your car, causing AC and heating to come on slower. Plus, ice and frost forms on your car windows and windscreen, which you then have to scrape off before you can drive anywhere- a time consuming task that can be the bane of many driver’s lives in winter. Keeping your car in a warm garage prevents all of this.

Protect from Warm Weather

It’s not just the colder months that prove a problem for your car. The sun’s rays can also be damaging.

UV damage on your car can cause:

  • Cracking speakers
  • Dry rot of tires
  • Paint peeling
  • Faded Upholstery
  • Faded dashboard

In a garage, you keep your car out of the sun and therefore prevent vehicle damage. Just like we humans head indoors to escape the sun damaging our skin, parking in a garage does the same for your vehicle.

Maintain Vehicle Aesthetic

We all want our cars to look their best and keeping your vehicle in the garage can help maintain its pristine shine. Through garage parking, you’ll avoid scratches from passers-by, as well as bird droppings from above. And, as mentioned previously, you’ll prevent paint from fading or peeling.

Maintain Vehicle Performance

Exposure to hot and cold weather can cause the engine life of a car to shorten, as heat causes oil to evaporate whilst cold temperatures can make battery fluid freeze and expand. When you keep your car in an insulated garage, however, the temperature fluctuates less which means the oil in your engine remains at its optimal viscosity, saving you money and trips to the mechanics.

You’ll also avoid brake rusting, as well as the aforementioned AC and heating issues and tire rotting.

Curb Appeal

Parking your car in the garage isn’t just great for the car itself- it’s also good for the aesthetic of your house. When your car is parked in your garage it makes the front of your home look so much neater.

Save Money on Insurance

Some insurance agencies will charge you less when you inform them that your car will be kept in a garage. If you’re someone who likes finding ways to save a penny or two, it’s certainly worth shopping around for insurance agencies with this policy.

Getting Your Garage Ready for Parking

If our list of benefits has convinced you, we’ve got a few tips for you to ensure that your garage is parking ready.

Clear the Clutter

If you’re going to be parking your car in the garage, you’ll need to make sure the garage floor is clear of clutter. You’ll also want to make sure that there isn’t too much clutter around the sides of your garage that your car might scrape against. If you plan on storing things in the garage, keep them on shelves that have a good amount of clearance from the exterior of your car.

Check that your Garage is the Correct Size

It’s no use trying to park a 4×4 in a mini-cooper sized garage. You need to make sure that your garage is large enough to accommodate the size of your car. Luckily, we have a helpful garage size guide that will help you to find the perfect garage for your home.

Invest in Parking Aids

To help you park your car safely, without scratching or dinting your vehicle, parking aids are incredibly useful. These can include car cameras, parking sensors, bumps or stoppers on your garage floor and even lasers to guide you into the correct position. However, if you don’t feel like splashing out on these parking aids, homemade aids can be effective. This can include things like reflective tape on the walls to mark out positioning or even a tennis ball dangling from the ceiling to let you know when to stop reversing the car.

Check the Lighting

If you can’t see properly, you’re more likely to park your car incorrectly. Remove this problem by ensuring that your garage has good quality lighting, so your vision isn’t hindered.

Use Wall Bumpers

Cushion your walls with wall bumpers or carpeting to reduce the risk of scratching and lower the risk of harm if you back up into your wall. This is great for newer or learner drivers, or those who are less confident in their driving ability as it will save you and your car from unnecessary accidents.

Invest in a 4-post Car Lift

If you have limited outdoor space for a garage, but two cars to park, why not try a taller garage? Then, use a four-post car lift to park your cars one on top of the other. This allows you to make the most of your garage space and make it suitable for parking multiple cars, enabling you to give the protection of a garage to both of your vehicles even if you don’t have room on your property for a two-car wide garage.

With so many undeniable benefits in car safety and maintenance, investing in a garage for your car is a no-brainer. And with Lidget you can choose from Pent Mansard, Apex, Lean To or many more fabulous garage types for your car’s new happy home. What are you waiting for? Give your car the protection and care it deserves today.

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