Lidget Compton Guide To Concrete Garage Security

Concrete garage securityWelcome to the Lidget Compton guide to concrete garage security.

Securing our homes and property is a constant challenge for most of us. We are probably all guilty of focusing most of our attention on our homes. Concrete garage security is often sadly lacking and neglected on the humble garage or shed. Thieves possibly see garages as an easy target for precisely this reason. Generally speaking garages tend to be easier to gain access to than houses. Take a moment to consider all the valuable items stored in most garages. Power tools, lawn mowers, gardening equipment, fridge freezers, cars, motorcycles. It’s easy to see why they get targeted.

So what can do done to beef up concrete garage security?

The most determined thieves will find a way around most security measures put in front of them. But thankfully, most break-in’s are crimes of opportunity. Committed by those looking for an easy target. One of the simplest ways to protect your property is to make things awkward for would be intruders. If things appear difficult they are more likely to move onto an easier target!

So here we have some simple tips for making concrete garages more secure.

Cover any windows

It may sound obvious but covering the windows in a garage makes it harder for an intruder to determine whether it is worth the risk of breaking in on the off chance of finding something of value. So consider putting a curtain up or fitting a blind. Alternatively apply opaque film to glass on the inside. This will mask the contents of the garage while still letting in light.

Install a motion activated floodlightMotion activated flood lights enhance concrete garage security

Motion activated security lights can be an effective deterrent against intruders and enhance concrete garage security. But it’s amazing how many properties still don’t have them installed. Using infra-red waves, a sensor detects body temperature and movement triggering the floodlight. Bright light surrounding them is normally enough to make an intruder flee! Motion activated lights are available in most hardware and DIY stores for as little as £10.

Install a security alarm system

While this may sound a complicated and expensive way of implementing concrete garage security the opposite can be true. There are a number of ways to secure a concrete garage with a security alarm system. If the garage is attached to the house it may be possible to integrate it into any existing security system currently covering the house. However, stand alone alarm systems are just as effective.Door or window alarm

Battery powered door and window alarms are a good example of this. This type of alarm has a contact fixed to the door or window and another fixed to the frame. If the door is opened when the alarm is set the contact is broken triggering the alarm. Setting the alarm is done either by keypad or by remote control. They are also very cost effective and can be purchased from around £10 to £15.

In addition to this type of alarm there are similar units that feature an infrared sensor much Garage alarm with pir sensorlike the security floodlight. Using infra-red waves, a sensor detects body temperature and movement triggering the alarm when set.

With no requirements for an electricity supply in the building these battery powered alarms are perfect for garages and sheds.


Garage door security

One of the most vulnerable points on any garage is the main door. Therefore this may be your main focus for garage door security. Single or double point locking tends to be standard on up and over garage doors. These usually consist of flat metal bars that sit in metal bracket attached to the frame. Optional 4 point locking (on doors up to 9′ wide) is available on all Lidget Compton garages. This consists of locking bars at the top of the door and on both sides for added security.

Garage defender lockAnother way of securing an up and over door in a concrete garage is to use an external, floor mounted garage security lock such as the ‘Garage Defender’. Garage Defenders actually stop the door from being pulled open, they are heavy duty and a great visual deterrent. They are a little harder to fit as they must be anchored to the (solid) ground. But the added security is worth the effort! Garage defenders are readily available from companies such as PJB Security Products for around £60.

But what about other types of main door? The design of roller shutter and sectional doors mean that they are harder to break into than up and over doors, but that doesn’t make them safe from attack! A simple hasp lock and padlock bought for as little as a couple of pounds can really beef up your concrete garage security.

CCTV Systemsother ways to improve concrete garage security

Home CCTV systems can provide an excellent deterrent to intruders. They also have the added benefit of being able to protect your house as well as any garden buildings.

CCTV was once considered a complicated and expensive method of enhancing home and concrete garage security. Advances in technology have changed all that though. Camera security systems are available for as little as £100 these days, and armed with only basic DIY skills you could have a CCTV system installed in a matter of hours.

The features packed into modern day CCTV systems make them intuitive and simple to use.

Monitoring your CCTV via smartphone is even possible with entry level systems. So you can keep an eye on your property even when you are away from home!

There are a vast number of ways to enhance concrete garage security. We couldn’t cover them all here. Following simple steps like these can help make your concrete garage and your possessions that little bit safer, and as this guide shows, it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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