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Other Options

Customise your building with our huge range of options & extras!

PVC Fascias

Standard garages & sheds are supplied with treated timber fascias, but these can be upgraded to virtually maintenance free PVC. Available in a range of colour options our PVC fascias not only add a touch of style to your building but also mean less work as they do not need regular treating like timber does.

Please note that Deluxe garages & sheds and all of our garden rooms come with PVC fascias and vergeboards as standard.

White pvc fascias
White PVC Fascias
Anthracite pvc fascias
Anthracite PVC Fascias
PVC fascias
Golden Oak & Rosewood PVC Fascias

Real Brick Front Posts

Enhance the kerb appeal of your new concrete garage with our Real Brick front posts! Real Brick posts replace the Spar chipping posts supplied as standard and make a genuine difference to the look of your garage.

Made from real brick slips our brick front posts are hand pointed for an exceptional finish.

Available in five colours, Autumn Red, Warwick Red, Reclaimed, Anthracite and Southern Stock, our front posts will certainly help your concrete garage blend into it’s environment and will match with most properties. Combined with alternative door colours, and a huge range of extras and options you can make your garage totally unique to you.

Please note that Deluxe garages are supplied with RealBrick front posts as standard.

Autumn red brick front post
Autumn Red
Anthracite brick front post
Reclaimed brick front post
Warwick red brick front post
Warwick Red
Southern stock brick front post
Southern Stock


We can supply and fit PVC guttering and downpipes to your new concrete garage or shed. Guttering is currently available in 3 colours, white, black and brown.

On Apex pitched roof buildings we can fit guttering to both sides, on Pent flat roofed buildings guttering is just fitted to the rear of the building.

Please note that our Deluxe range and all of our Garden Rooms are supplied with PVC guttering as standard.

PVC Guttering
White PVC Guttering
PVC black gutter
Black PVC Guttering

Partition Walls

A partition wall is an internal dividing wall that can create a separate space or room within your building. Partitions are particularly popular when you want to create a workshop/shed or storage space at one end of your garage. We can also place partition walls inside garden rooms to create an additional room which can be used as a home gym, a children’s playroom, music room, art studio or craft room or storage space. One of the most common requests we get is for a partition in a garden room to create a storage space for gardening equipment such as lawnmowers, or to store the families bikes.

Partition wall
Partition Wall
garden room
Garden Room with integrated shed

Lining Clips

If you want to insulate and line out your new concrete shed or garden room you need our custom made lining clips. Lining clips are made from galvanised steel and allow you to fix timber battens to the concrete wall panels that in turn can then be used to attach timber sheets or cladding. Even if you just want to fix wall mounted storage, or a consumer unit, light switch or sockets, lining clips will make the job much easier.

Lining clips attach via the bolts holding the concrete panels together, this then negates the need to attempt to drill into the concrete panels which we do not recommend.

If you are interested in lining out your new concrete garage, shed or garden room then why not head over to our Blog and read our post on how to insulate and line out your building.

Lining Clip
Lining Clip
Lining clip with batten
Lining Clip with timber batten

Weather Bars

Weather bars can be used to help prevent water, dust and debris from getting into your new concrete garage from underneath your main up and over door. Unlike roller shutter doors which have a rubber weather strip fixed to the bottom and sectional doors that have a weather seal all around the door, up and over doors by their nature will always have a small gap underneath in which water, dust and debris could potentially get into the building. Therefore by fixing a timber weather bar behind the door and sealing it with mastic we can help prevent ingress into the building.

Please note that a weather bar does not constitute a weather tight seal, it will however help to prevent unwanted detritus from entering the building.

Timber weather bar
Timber Weather Bar
Timber weather bar fitting
Weather Bar Fitting

Remote Operators

All of the main garage doors we supply can be enhanced by the use of an electric remote control operator. So just press the button, and drive in! No more getting wet as you try and get the key into the lock as it’s pouring with rain. In addition to making it easier to use, it adds security. The door is hence held in the closed position by the opening mechanism being locked.
We equally always advise the addition of a personnel door if you are fitting a remote control operator. We offer also an internal switch and a key operated override, fitted to the outside of the up and over door. This item is therefore essential in the event of a power cut if your garage has no personnel door. Our remote operators are also supplied with an internal courtesy light and two handsets. Remote control operators can be used with up & over, roller shutter and sectional doors.

Remote garage door operator
Remote Electric Garage Door Opener
Electric garage door opener
Electric Opener

Sand & Cement Fillet

A sand & cement fillet can be applied around the interior base of the concrete panels in your Lidget Compton building. The fillet is applied to help prevent wind, dust and debris blowing under the panels into the building. Applying the fillet will give a smooth attractive appearance to the internal perimeter of the building. Please be advised that the fillet is NOT a water tight seal but will provide limited protection to stop water seeping under the panel.

You can download more details about Sand/Cement Fillets in our Download Resource Centre.

sand cement fillet
Sand/Cement Fillet