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Find concrete garages in Wakefield and your local approved Lidget Compton concrete garage agent

Concrete garages in Wakefield. Wakefield has a thriving industrial past as an important trading town, coal manufacturer, and supplier of essential goods across West Yorkshire. Living in a town of such historic importance, you’ll want your property to look as good as it possibly can!

That’s where Lidget Compton comes in. From our specialized range of garden buildings, including apex roof concrete garages, purpose-built sheds, and comfortable garden rooms.  You can choose the perfect new addition to your property.

Concrete Garages in Wakefield

If you’re looking for concrete garages in Wakefield, just pop your details into this handy form. Then before you can blink you’ll have a list of all of our agents in your local area. Don’t worry though, we only store your details for contact purposes. And we never pass them on to third parties.

As soon as you get in touch with one of our capable agents, they’ll be available to guide you through the garage installation process. First things first, they’ll kick you off with a face-to-face visit. It’s during this they will discuss what type of outbuilding you’re hankering after. Whether you have big plans for a new garden office, or a super organised storage space, your agent will advise you about the best garage option for your needs.

They’ll also walk you through our customisation options which allow you to really make the garage your own. In addition, they’ll explain the practical concerns of the build with you. Including timelines, and how to arrange electricity supply to your shiny new garage.

Lidget Compton Agent Support

All our agents go the extra mile to support you from the very first phone call with us to the moment you step into your brand-new building! Not only will they be on hand to answer your questions, but they can also offer advice on important considerations like planning permission. Also, they can assist with practical things, like removing old garden buildings from your property and even laying down a concrete base for your new garage if you need one.

Ready to explore all the available garages in Wakefield? Browse our range of buildings today to find the cherry on top of the cake of your Yorkshire home. Or, if you’ve already found your dream garage from our range, get a quote today, and you’ll be relaxing in your new garden building with a brew in hand before you know it. If you’ve got any questions about our buildings, please give us a ring on 01709 881844.