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Garage Refurbishment

Breathe new life into your garage with a Garage Refurb

Garage Refurbishment

Not ready for a complete new garage? Maybe a garage refurbishment is the answer!

In addition to Lidget Compton being the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete garages, sheds & garden buildings we also offer a garage refurbishment service across South & West Yorkshire.

So if your old garage has a leaking roof, rotten fascias or windows or has sustained weather damage, there’s a good chance we can replace the damaged parts with modern new ones.

Our aim is to provide a simple, hassle free garage refurbishment service in a timely manner and at a competitive price.


Garage Refurbishment
Garage Before Refurbishment
Garage Refurbishment
Garage After Refurbishment

Why Choose A Garage Refurbishment?

– Damaged Parts

In many cases the structure of your concrete garage may be solid, after all, concrete panels can last in excess of 40-50 years, but other aspects such as the roof, fascias, or doors and windows may be rotting or damaged. The good news is we can replace just about any part of your old concrete garage or shed.

– Convenience

Let’s be honest, many of use our concrete garage for storage, and quite often the garage can be full. With a garage refurbishment there is (usually) no need to empty your garage of all your possessions. This can be a major factor when deciding if a garage refurbishment is right for you.

– Time

Most of our garage refurbishments are completed in just a few hours. Even the most extensive refurbishment will normally be completed in less than a day.

– Cost

It goes without saying that just replacing the fascias on your concrete garage is going to be cheaper than replacing the complete garage. In some cases however it can be more economical to replace the whole building. Our fully trained staff will be able to assess your building and advise on which elements need replacing and the best course of action.

Garage refurbishment
Garage Before Refurbishment
Garage refurbishment
Garage After Refurbishment

What Can Be Refurbished?

– Garage Roof

One of the major components of your concrete garage is the roof. If any part of the garage roof fails then your possessions inside the garage are at risk.

If your garage is particularly old then it’s possible the roof sheets could be cracked or if it has timber trusses they could be rotten. We can replace the roof sheets, trusses and purlins, and dispose of the old roof, even if it contains asbestos (via a licenced asbestos carrier).

Roof options include;

Galvanised Steel

On pent buildings with a flat roof we can fit galvanised steel roof sheets with an anti-condensation lining mounted on galvanised steel C-Section rafters.

Fibre Cement

On apex buildings with a pitched roof we can fit fibre cement roof sheets in a range of different colours with all steel trusses and timber purlins.

Plastisol Coated

We can also offer a special plastisol coated galvanised steel roof in a range of different colours on both pent and apex style buildings.


Garage refurbishment
Fibre Cement Roof
Garage refurbishment
Galvanised Steel Roof
Garage refurbishment
Plastisol Coated Box Profile Roof

– Fascias & Vergeboards

If your concrete garage is old and has timber fascias and vergeboards you will know that they need treating or painting or a regular basis. Even then there is a good chance they have started to rot or will have sustained weather damage over time.

We can replace your old timber fascias with modern uPVC fascias that will not rot, twist or warp. They are also virtually maintenance free and will not need to be sanding, painted or treated, a simple wipe down with soapy water periodically will keep them looking like new. They are also available in a range of different colours, choose from white, anthracite, golden oak or rosewood. Take a look at our Customisation Options for more details.

Garage refurbishment
Old Timber Fascias
Garage refurbishment
New PVC Rosewood Fascias

– Garage Doors

The garage door is always the focal point of any garage. Older garage doors can have problems with cables breaking, timber frames rotting, springs snapping etc. We have a wide range of garage doors available to replace your old one;

Up & Over Garage Doors

We supply and fit Hormann up& over garage doors in a wide range of styles. From horizontal or vertically ribbed to Georgian or Ilkley style, plus we have plenty of different coloured doors available too. Our up&over doors are made from powder coated steel and come pre-framed in a steel frame. Multi point locking options are also available.

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Our range of roller shutter doors from Garage Door Systems are a great alternative to up&over doors.

Available in a range of different colours, roller doors don’t ‘kick out’ like up&over doors do so you can drive all the way up to them and still open the door.

Sectional Garage Doors

The sectional garage doors we supply are all fully insulated and come with a weather seal around the sides and bottom to stop leaves and debris from getting into your concrete garage.


Up & over garage door
Up & Over Garage Door
Roller shutter garage door
Roller Shutter Garage Door
Sectional garage door
Sectional Garage Door
Steel side hung garage doors
Side Hung Garage Doors

– Personnel Access Doors

If you have a personnel door in your old concrete garage there is a good chance that it is made from timber, which again can warp, rot and split over time. We can replace your tired old door with a modern, reliable alternative.

Choose from a pre-framed powder coated steel personnel door that comes with multi point locking as standard, or a high quality PVCu door either fully glazed, half glazed or fully panelled. They are even available in a variety of colours.

See details of the full range of access doors on our Customisation Options page.

Garage refurbishment
Steel Personnel Access Door
Garage refurbishment
PVC Personnel Access Door

– Windows

Windows in old concrete garages are typically timber framed and although this will be treated timber it can still rot and split over time. It also needs to be sanded and painted periodically.

We can replace drafty old rotten windows with new modern uPVC double glazed units.

Our window units are available in two sizes, either 2′ (0.61m) or 4′ (1.22m) and in a number of different colours.

PVCu double glazed window
PVCu Double Glazed Window

– Guttering

As part of your garage refurbishment we can also replace your old guttering with new pvc gutters and downpipes (both sides on apex buildings, rear only on pent buildings) in a choice of either black, brown or white (please note we cannot replace gutters on their own, only as part of a more extensive refurbishment).

PVC Guttering
PVC Guttering

– Concrete Panels

While it is unlikely the panels on your concrete garage will need replacing it is possible they may have sustained damage during their life.

Depending on compatibility we can replace any damaged panels with new ones.

Concrete garage panel
Spar Concrete Garage Panel

Why Choose A Lidget Compton Garage Refurbishment?

Lidget Compton have been manufacturing and supplying concrete garage sheds and garden buildings for over 30 years therefore our knowledge is second to none.

Come direct to the manufacturer, why go to a 3rd party who will in all likelihood have to buy the garage parts from us anyway?

If it is not economically viable to refurbish your concrete garage we can supply and fit a brand new building.

Areas Covered

Our garage refurbishment service is available across South & West Yorkshire including;

    • Barnsley

    • Rotherham

    • Sheffield

    • Doncaster

    • Wakefield

    • Dewsbury

    • Leeds

    • Castleford

    • Pontefract

So if your concrete garage is looking a little worse for wear or has elements that are damaged Get A Quote from our friendly sales team today.

Garage Refurbishment