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Garage Spring Cleaning Tips

So Spring has sprung, and with many people having a bit of extra time on their hands at the moment it’s the perfect time to indulge in some garage spring cleaning.

garage spring cleaning

Recent studies suggest that over 50% of homeowners feel the garage is considered the most cluttered part of the home.

But fear not, help is here with our garage spring cleaning tips. And as the UK’s leading sectional concrete garage manufacturer we will be focusing on concrete garages, but the principles are the same whatever your garage construction.

Have a garage spring cleaning plan.

It may sound a bit overboard for a simple task such as garage spring cleaning but it is important to plan. For example work out what your goal is, is it just to have a tidy, to de-clutter, or to give your concrete garage a full clean. With many garages having years of clutter in them we would recommend your garage spring cleaning should consist of a full clear out and clean!

Empty your garage

This may seem a daunting task but any concrete garage spring cleaning should start with emptying the garage completely. If it isn’t nailed down, take it out! At this point you can also group items together. For example;

  • Items you intend to keep.
  • Things you want to throw away.
  • Items you want to sell or donate.

To work out which items to not keep in your garage spring cleaning ask yourself why you are keeping them. Anything you haven’t used or needed in the past few years needs to go.

It’s also important to plan how and when to get rid of any items you are not keeping. If not there is the danger they will just end up back in your concrete garage for the next few years.

With the garage now empty open all doors and windows for a while. This helps to air the garage out and clear any damp spots that may have developed behind all the clutter!

Clean the garage interior

The next step in your garage spring cleaning is to clean out all the dust and debris that has gathered.

A simple sweep out with a wide headed broom will suffice. But be sure to sweep the wall panels, window frames and roof trusses down as well. These areas are classic hiding places for cobwebs and dust.

Wash the garage interior

If you want to be really thorough with your garage spring clean then you can hose down the interior. alternatively you can just pour soapy water onto the floor and brush it out.

Clean the garage exterior

While the inside of your concrete garage is airing or drying out turn your attention to the outside. On garages with treated timber fascias, windows or personnel access doors why not treat it to another coat of preservative. Don’t forget that if your concrete garage is quite old and if the fascias and woodwork are looking tired Lidget Compton offer a full refurbishment service to get your garage looking like new.

If your garage features PVCu fascias and window a simple wipe down with soapy water will keep them looking in top shape.

Even our concrete garage wall panels can be cleaned in your garage spring cleaning. In the case of pebbledash, sectional brick, textured render the panels can be carefully cleaned with a power washer. For our PVCu timber effect cladding, a simple wipe down with soapy water will keep it looking like new. Also be sure to clean out the gutters on a regular basis to keep them working properly.

Paint your concrete garage floor

With your concrete garage empty you may decide to paint the floor. There are a number of reasons for and ways of doing this which can be found in our handy blog post How To Paint Concrete Garage Floors.

Garage doors and personnel side doors

The next step in our garage spring clean is to turn our attention to the doors and mechanisms. Firstly wash the doors down with soapy water. Not only will this make them look better but it will also minimise any discolouration caused by ground on dirt/stains. Ensure optimum operation of door locks, hinges and running tracks by cleaning and oiling moving parts periodically.

Organise your storage

spring cleaning storage
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With your garage now looking clean and fresh it’s time to re-organise your belongings. Ask yourself if you have a home for everything that is going back in. If not, you may want to consider some additional storage such as free standing shelving units or cupboards. Re purposed furniture can be a great way of keeping your garage items tidy. Old plastic tubs or jars can be a great way of storing smaller items. Consider tool racks and peg boards to organise tools and gardening equipment.

With a home for everything in your concrete garage it will be easier to find items when you are looking for them. It will also make it easier to keep the garage tidy meaning next year’s garage spring cleaning may not need to be so extensive!

So follow these simple garage spring cleaning tips and get your garage looking great again. Don’t forget that as the UK’s leading sectional building manufacturer, if you decide you need a new garage or additional storage Lidget Compton have a solution for you. Check our product range for more.

Finally, if you have a Lidget Compton concrete garage already, be sure to check our Care & Maintenance instructions which give more detailed information on how to care for your building.

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