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Is A Garden Office Worth It

Is a garden office worth it? Since the global pandemic struck in 2020 the demand for garden buildings in particular garden rooms and garden offices has soared. The increasing number of people working from home has helped to fuel the surge in demand for garden and home offices.

So what are the considerations when looking for a garden office and is a garden office worth it?


Home / Work Balance

Having a garden office can help you strike a better work – home balance. With work items out of the house it can also help you organise your home. A garden office not only gives you somewhere to work, it also gives you somewhere to escape from at the end of the working day. Maintaining that separation between work and home life is vital in supporting our mental health.

Use of Space

How you intend to use the space also needs to be considered. For example, do you need space for other people, or is it just for you? Do you want the space to be used as a garden room as well, or a children’s play room or art studio?

Available Space

Obviously the amount of space available in the garden will dictate what size garden office is achievable. At Lidget Compton we have a range of garden buildings from 8’ wide and 8’ long to pretty much as large as you want.


How much you are willing or able to spend is a multi-faceted factor when considering is a garden office worth it?

The type of garden office will really affect how much you spend. So let’s look at the different types.

Types of Garden Offices

Timber summer houses

One of the cheaper options available would be to purchase a traditional wooden summer house. This style of building is essentially a garden shed with extra windows and the perfect option for those on a seriously limited budget. Purchase one to build yourself and you can save even more.

However, there are draw backs to this type of building. At the bottom end of the pricing range the timber is not likely to be overly substantial. Timber also requires constant maintenance. Without being looked after timber can rot, split and warp causing all manner of issues not least of which could be water ingress. When it comes to having a reliable suitable working space, cheapest is not necessarily best!

Timber log cabin

Log cabins tend to be a little more substantial that simple timber summer houses but that comes at a cost. Basic log cabins would be available for around £5000 – £6000. But as they are still timber buildings they are likely to still need constant maintenance to keep them in good condition. At the opposite end of the scale you could be looking up to £20,000 for a luxury log cabin fully insulated with double glazed windows, electrics and heating included!

Sectional Concrete

Anthracite apex garden room

The great benefit of a sectional concrete building is the strength and sturdiness of the building.The appearance of traditional pebbledash concrete buildings is much maligned. However, these days we supply buildings with a number of alternative wall finishes, such as timber effect uPVC cladding, brick/stone effect and textured render. All of which can add some real style to the building. And unlike timber, concrete will never rot, warp or split and needs little maintenance so should last for a very long time.

Other Garden Office Considerations

Year Round Use

If the garden office is to be used all year round you will need the building to be insulated. Cheaper summer house style buildings almost certainly will not be and may be harder to weather proof. As we have already ascertained, Lidget Compton buildings are straightforward to insulate.


Some form of heating will also be required, as will electrics to power lights and whatever equipment is required as part of your job. So make sure it is possible to get an electrical supply to your building. Electrics should always be installed by a qualified person but are a simple addition.

Building Base

As with any building, a garden office can only be as good as the base it sits on. So you will have to factor this cost in as well. A poor base could mean an unstable or even dangerous building. Lidget Compton garden buildings require a solid concrete base to sit on. You can find out more about our recommendations for a concrete base in our handy guide.

So is a Garden Office Worth it?

The answer to that question lies in how you want the space to work for you. A garden office should be considered a long term investment.  If you have limited space in your home, would like to maintain a level of separation between your work and home life then it could be seen as a wise investment. Likewise if it saves you renting office space it can also be seen as a prudent move.

When looking at is a garden office worth it consider the alternatives. Would you have to work on the dining room table, or in a spare bedroom? If you have your own business and currently rent office space, a garden office could provide great cost and time benefits.

Finally, it is worth considering that a garden room or office could actually increase the value of your home.

Lidget Compton Garden Rooms

Pent canopy roof garden room

Garden rooms supplied by Lidget Compton are affordable, robust and strong, easy to maintain and will last for years and years. In fact every Lidget Compton building comes with the peace of mind afforded by a 10 year structural guarantee.

Our range of affordable garden buildings are perfect for a garden office. We supply them as an empty shell so you can be as extravagant or as minimalist as you want when it comes to kitting your building out. While it’s not a service we provide, insulating and lining out your concrete building is relatively straight forward and inexpensive to do. Take a look at our guide to insulating and lining your concrete building to find out more.

Our range of garden rooms/offices starts just over £5200. Standard features include double glazed double patio doors, two full length uPVC glazed units, uPVC fascia boards and guttering. The main benefit of these features is that they are virtually maintenance free. A simple wiped down with soapy water is all that’s required to keep them looking like new.

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