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Concrete Garage Base Construction

A Lidget Compton Building Is Only As Good As The Base It Sits On
There are some very important factors to take into account when considering a concrete building.
– We cannot build on tarmac, paving blocks or slabs as they are inherently unstable.
– Your base will need to be square (meaning all the corners are 90°) flat and level.
– It should be above surrounding ground level by a minimum of 1”.
– It should only be 3” larger than the external dimensions of your
building on each side. Please don’t build your base with any fall.
– A 3” trowelled or floated edge to the base should be provided all the way around the base
to ensure that there is a slight fall away from the footprint of the building, 3mm or 1/8th
of an inch is ideal. This will encourage water to runaway from the building.
– If your drive slopes down to the garage, you will need to put in a gulley to take away the water, if there is a wall or bank around the building, you need to ensure adequate drainage.
– Where a ramp is added to the front of the base make sure this does not end up with a slightly higher level than that of the main base as this will encourage water to enter under the door. The ramp should obviously always be sloping away at a lower level than that of the main base.

Concrete base

Good Base Position

Here the base is positioned nice and centrally, the corners are at right angles so the base will be square

Concrete base

Poor Base Positioning

Here the corners of the base are not at right angles so the base is offset

Concrete base

Checking For Square

If the distance between A-B is equal the distance between C-D, the base is square

Concrete Base

Base Recommendations

This cross section of a concrete base shows the correct method of constuction.

The base should be 4″ thick concrete

Underneath the concrete should be a minimum of 4″ compacted hardcore

Edges should be chamferred to aid drainage

Around the edges the concrete should be 6″ thick

The base should be 3″ bigger than the building all the way round the perimeter

It should also be flat, square and level throughout