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How To Build A Concrete Garage

How to build a concrete garage.

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At Lidget Compton we have spent the last four decades perfecting how to build a concrete garage. While this post is not meant as a ‘how to guide’ for prospective garage builders, it will hopefully answer many of the questions we get asked about how we construct our buildings. In this case we are looking at the construction of an Apex garage. So let’s dive in.

It’s all in the foundation.

A point we can’t stress enough is the importance of a solid foundation for our buildings. After all, a concrete garage is only as good as the base on which it sits. This is due to the weight of the buildings. A typical single concrete garage can weigh in excess of 2.5 tonnes! There is lots of information in our Help & Resources section about how to construct a suitable concrete base.

Garage Construction

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So when we start to build a concrete garage our installation team will mark out where the customer wants the building to go. Then firstly, a rear corner of the building will be assembled as a starting point. The concrete panels are securely bolted together using high strength panel bolts at the top centre and bottom of the panels.

The rear and side walls are then assembled by adding concrete panels, including the fitment of any personnel access doors or windows, and the garage starts to come together. Once the rear and side walls are complete it’s time to move on to the roof.

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Garage Roof Trusses

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The next stage is to add the rear fascia and the roof trusses which are securely bolted to the concrete panels. Our apex garages feature all steel trusses with factory treated timber runners to secure the roof sheets.

Once the roof trusses are secured the building becomes incredibly strong and stable.

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Main Door(s) Fitting

With the garage taking shape the main garage door(s) and front posts can be fitted. Our main doors are supplied pre-framed and are bolted to the front posts.

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Once the front fascia is fitted the main garage shape is complete.

Roof Sheets

With the garage shell complete the fibre cement roof sheets and ridges can now be added. The roof sheets are fixed to the roof trusses using special roof fixings for a secure and waterproof roof finish.

On the front and rear edges of the roof special metal ‘tins’ are fixed in place to ensure water cannot breach the building between the roof and the fascias.

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Sealing and Finishing

To finish the garage off each of the joints between the concrete panels are sealed with a specialist mastic sealant to ensure a watertight seal. Then, if one has been ordered, a sand & cement fillet is applied around the bottom of the concrete panels. This helps to prevent dust, debris and water from getting to the inside the building.

Obviously this is a very simple look into how to build a concrete garage. It is not intended to be a ‘how to’ guide. Construction techniques do vary so the methods outlined here are only meant as an illustration and general guide to how a concrete garage is built.

You can find lots more advice and information in our Blog section.

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