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Park Home Garages

  • Range of different roofing options available
  • Unique alternate wall finishes available: Brick/Stone effect, Textured render or Pvc timber effect cladding
  • Stronger concrete panels for longer life
  • PVCu fascias in a range of colours available
  • Massive range of Main Door options to personalise your choice
  • Remote control door openers
  • Special Package Offer available to upgrade your building and save money

Concrete Garages For Park Homes

For over 30 years Lidget Compton have been supplying high quality concrete garages and sheds to residential park home sites across the UK. We have become the supplier of choice for some of the largest park home site operators and as such have a deep understanding of what is important to both park home operators and residents.

Our Apex 20 range has long been the garage of choice for park home operators but we also supply a range of other pitched roof apex garages and also flat roofed Pent garages, in addition to quality concrete sheds and workshops.

Size Details

  • Length Apex: 16' 3" (4.95m) – as long as you want
    Pent: 16β€² 3β€³ (4.95m) to 32’3 (9.83m)
    In 2β€² (0.61m) increments as standard. Partition available.
  • Width Apex: 8β€² 6β€³ (2.59m) – 26β€² 6β€³ (8.08m)
    Pent: 8β€² 6β€³ (2.59m) – 20β€² 6β€³ (8.08m)
  • Height 6β€² 6β€³ (1.98m) (standard) and 7β€² 6β€³ (2.29m)


The following are supplied as standard. Many more Bespoke Options are available.

Wall finish:
Thicker concrete steel reinforced panels with Spar finish.

Front posts:

Main door:
Pre-framed, fully retractable, white powder coated galvanised steel, Horizontal ribbed up and over door.

Dependent on building shape chosen. Please see main garage pages for details.

concrete garage

Customisation Options

We build everything ourselves, using the best materials available, so we have the flexibility to tailor your garage to suit your needs exactly.