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Lean To Concrete Garages

  • Design&Build – to suit your house
  • Brick, Stone, Spar or Textured render to match your home
  • Any of our basic SHAPES can be provided as a lean-to
  • Huge range of main doors to enhance your property
  • CAD drawing service available for Planning Permission
  • Translucent roof sheets to let natural light in on Apex range

Lean To Concrete Garage Details

Lean-to concrete garages are the perfect solution for those without enough space for a free standing building. Our Lean-to garage range can be constructed from any of our six building shapes: Pent, Pent Mansard, Apex, Apex 15, Apex 20 or Apex 90 and act as the ideal garage extension.

Flat roof for economy, Mansard for a different look, or choose from the three Apex roof designs – we believe there is something for everyone to complement your house. Because of the individuality of every site, we build these lean-to buildings to order, after asking you for specific site details. We have to make sure that we know of the exact position of windows, doors, vents, pipes etc, and we will ask you to confirm these details on our lean-to paperwork. (Please note we do not fit flashing to the house wall, this is the responsibility of the owner).

The end result is something that is not only eminently practicable, but will add value to your home as well. Talk to your agent, ask for our Design&Build service, or email us for more.

Size Details

  • Length - Pent: 16' 3” (4.34m) – 32' 3" (9.83m)
    - Apex: 16' 3" (4.34m) - as long as you want.

    In 2β€² (0.61m) increments as standard. Partition available.
  • Width 8' (2.44m) – 26' 6" (8.08m)
  • Height 6β€² 6β€³ (1.98m) (standard) and 7β€² 6β€³ (2.29m)


Supplied as standard. Many more Bespoke Options are available.

Wall finish:
Thicker concrete steel reinforced panels with Spar finish.

Front posts:

Main door:
Pre-framed, fully retractable, white powder coated galvanised steel, Horizontal ribbed up and over door.

Dependent on building shape chosen.

Fascias and vergeboards:
Factory treated timber.

4β€² (1.22m) timber fixed factory preservative treated.

concrete garage

Customisation Options

We build everything ourselves, using the best materials available, so we have the flexibility to tailor your garage to suit your needs exactly.