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Concrete Garage Wall Finishes

“They are unique, they transform our buildings and we’re very proud of them, and we hope you will be to!”

Lidget Compton offer perhaps the most comprehensive choice of concrete garage wall finishes available. Our investment in technology, design and product development has paid off handsomely, but don’t take our word for it, have a look at what we’ve produced…

  • GB patented Brick & stone effect available in 6 different colours, the choice is yours!
  • Our Textured render finish, choosing from 4 colours, is a specially chosen product, resin based to ensure stability and long life. And still there’s more!
  • Our Textured, double feather edged PVCu cladding boards ‘Garaclad’ give your building an attractive timber effect finish with the added benefit that PVCu will never rot, split or warp like timber can!

NB: When considering a sectional brick/stone, textured render or Garaclad wall finish, please note that our installation team need a minimum of 2’6″ (750mm) working space between the garage and any fencing or other walls to complete the installation.

It Isn’t a hard decision, we make the best concrete garages in the UK, our costs are rock solid, and if your garage is not still standing within 10 years, we’ll rebuild it for you.

That’s the Lidget Compton Guarantee

Sectional Brick Wall Finishes

Lidget Compton’s GB patented unique Brick finish, available in either four colour styles.
  • Antique Red
  • Grey
  • Tudor Brown
  • Buff Brick

Applied in the factory, this patented procedure means no additional site work, just instant market leading good looks. Our brick effect wall finish allows you to have a the look of a brick built garage or shed at a fraction of the cost.

Antique Red and Buff finishes also have the option of having an accent colour added to each panel.

Antique Red Brick
Antique Red Brick
Grey Brick
Grey Brick
Buff Brick
Buff Brick
Tudor Brown Brick
Tudor Brown Brick

Sectional Stone Wall Finishes

Lidget Compton’s GB patented unique Stone finish, available in either Pennine or Cotswold finish.

Just like our brick effect, our stone effect wall finish is applied in the factory, and is the perfect solution in areas that have predominantly stone built homes. This allows the humble concrete garage or shed to still blend into its environment seamlessly.

Pennine grey stone effect
Pennine Grey Stone
Cotswold buff stone effect
Cotswold Buff Stone

Textured Render Wall Finishes

A site applied textured render finish available in four different colourways,
  • White
  • Magnolia
  • French Stone
  • Palace Grey.

Unique to Lidget Compton, our resin based textured render finish adds some real style to your building and gives you the opportunity to match your building to your home if it has a rendered finish.

White textured render
Magnolia textured render
Palace grey textured render
Palace Grey
French stone textured render
French Stone
PVC cladding colours

PVCu Cladding Wall Finishes

Garaclad textured PVCu cladding boards give a completely new dimension to concrete garages. Perfect for those that prefer the look of a timber building but want the strength and rigidity of a concrete building.

Garaclad is long lasting and durable cladding for garages, it will never split, rot or warp like timber can. It is also very low maintenance, a simple wipe down with warm soapy water is all that is required to keep it looking great.

Now available in 8 attractive colourways, Garaclad can be blended to almost any environment.

  • White
  • Cream
  • Light Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Enviro Green
  • Colonial Blue
  • Storm Grey
  • Anthracite