Everything you need to know about garage planning permission

Local Authorities require buildings of a certain size and position to be designed to a certain standard, and need a certificate of compliance with local Building Regulations. Failure to get the correct certificate can result in problems selling the property in the future, or in severe cases, result in the building being taken down.

Your local Lidget Compton agent should be able to provide some advice on this. If in doubt, contact your local authority. Their building and planning departments will be able to give you all the advice you need. Most local authorities have comprehensive information on building regulations on their website.

The governments planning portal also contains simplified building regulations guidance for general public use. We recommend this should be your first line of enquiry when looking for building regulation information. Please note that the planning portal only covers building regulations in England & Wales. Residents in Scotland should contact their loal authority directly.


Building Regulations have a number of purposes. Firstly they set out the minimum standards of design and building work for the construction of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. They also define what is regarded as ‘building work’ and the procedures for ensuring that it meets the standards laid down.

In essence they exist to ensure the health and safety of people around buildings, but they also exist for other reasons such as ensuring disabled people have appropriate facilities and access to buildings and even for the conservation of energy.

So if you are unsure whether your building needs building regs, contact your local agent, local authority or contact us direct.


The rules regarding Planning Permission are reasonably simple, but the interpretation of them does vary from authority to authority.

In the majority of cases planning permission is not required for a concrete garage as they are classed by law as a temporary structure. The general rule of thumb is if the ridge height is below 2.5 metres planning consent would not be required. However, there are circumstances where planning would be required, such as if the building covered more than 50% of the overall property or if the main property is a listed building to name but two. In all cases we recommend checking with your local planning authority first.

Click here to go to the government’s Planning Portal, where you will be able to see what is required.

Please note that the Planning Portal only covers England and Wales. If you are in Scotland you will need to contact your local council for advice.

Your Lidget Compton agent will be able to help you with planning permission issues.