This section is designed to help you find anything that’s not visible elsewhere on the site!! Don’t forget that we can always provide help for you, wherever you are – click here to find your agent, who will be able to answer your questions.

Garage Buying Process

At Lidget Compton we think we offer the most comprehensive range of product in the UK today. If you can’t see what you want within our standard range, we can probably make the building you want.

Customisation Options

With such a wide range of wall finishes, colour options, different roof styles, door and window options, and accessories you can be confident that if you want it, we can build it.

Technical Data

Not everyone wants technical data for their building, but for those that do, you should be able to find further information for building sizes, areas, door options, drawings and base designs.

Download Resource Centre

In our resource centre you can find information and advice on a wide range of topics from recommendations for your concrete base to basic care and maintenance of your Lidget Compton building.

Photo Gallery

Still looking for inspiration? Our gallery contains pictures of all sorts of different building shapes, sizes and types. But remember, this only represents a small selection of the wide range we have available.

Planning & Building Regulations

While many Lidget Compton buildings are not subject to planning and building regulations some of them, and their location will be. Your local authority will be able to provide a definitive answer on this subject but you might just find the basic information you are looking for here.