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Pent Roof

The Pent range features corrugated galvanised steel roof sheets fitted with an anti-condensation lining. This lining can absorb a tremendous amount of moisture thus helping to prevent the formation of condensation. The roof sheets are mounted on robust galvanised steel C-Section rafters which make the pent roof extremely solid and sturdy.

Pent Mansard Roof

The Pent Mansard range features the same roof style as the standard Pent but has the addition of a stylish tile effect front elevation. This elevated section is constructed of ‘Metrotile’ galvanised steel tile effect sheets with a granular finish and is available in a range of 6 colours.

Apex Roof

The Apex range features a traditionally shaped roof with 12.5° pitch. Steel trusses make up the foundation of the roof onto which fibre cement roof sheets are fixed. The standard Apex is supplied with grey roof sheets but you can improve the appearance of your garage by specifying coloured roof sheets, available in Blue-Black, Terracotta, Olive Green and Brown. Coloured roof sheets are standard on our Apex Garden Room range – simply choose which colour you prefer when ordering.

Apex 15 Roof

The Apex 15 range also features a traditionally shaped roof but as the name suggests has a 15° pitch. This roof consists of bold roll tile effect sheets in a stylish terracotta colour, mounted on steel trusses and timber purlins.

Apex 20 Roof

The Apex 20 is our top of the range building. Like our other Apex buildings the Apex 20 also features a traditionally shaped roof but has a 20° pitch. This roof is constructed from steel rafters with timber purlins, it is then fully lined with underlay before the roof sheets are fixed on top. The roof sheets on the Apex 20 are the same ‘Metrotile’ galvanised steel pantile profile tile effect sheets that can be found on the Pent Mansard. The sheets are coated with several layers of protection before a coat of granules and colour is added. There are 6 colours available: Charcoal, Brindle, Green, Terracotta, Red and Bronze.

Apex 90 Roof

The Apex 90 is a little unusual in that it features a transverse roof. Simply put a roof that has been turned through 90 degrees. This style of roof is perfect in certain scenarios, for example when a building is to be located between two buildings as it gives a much more appealing aspect. The Apex 90 roof features plastisol coated galvanised steel tile effect roof sheets that have a factory applied anti-condensation treatment. It is available in 4 different colours: Black, Terracotta, Olive Green and Vandyke Brown.

Box Profile Roof

The Pent garage roof range also has the option of Box section plastisol coated roof sheets, maintenance free. Available in Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Olive Green, Terracotta and Dark Brown.

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