Timber windows are single glazed, PVCu are supplied as double glazed.


Custom timber windows

2ft and 4ft fixed, and 4ft opening windows (single glazed) are offered.


Custom PVCU windows

PVCu double glazed garage windows are offered in White, Anthracite and Decograin, Golden Oak and Rosewood.

Supplied in both fixed and opening styles, PVCu windows are maintenance free, and a fixed PVCu window is supplied as standard in the Maintenance Free (MF) special package offer.

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Does a garage need windows?

No, a garage does not need windows although they are a great way of letting light in. When the door is closed a garage will be quite a dark place unless you have lighting installed. If you are likely to be spending any significant time in your garage it would make it a nicer environment to have windows letting in natural light. However, they are not necessarily needed.

What can I use to cover my garage windows?

There are a number of ways to cover your garage windows to stop prying eyes seeing the contents. Curtains and blinds are one way to cover your garage windows, another way is to apply a translucent film to the glass. This will enable light to still get in but will stop anyone being able to see what is inside.