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Why You Should Buy A Concrete Garage

We often get asked why you should buy a concrete garage. We might be biased but there are a good number of reasons why! So today we will be sharing these reasons with you. We will also demonstrate how a sectional concrete garage can solve all your storage needs!


Probably the most over-riding factor is simply the cost when compared to a traditional brick built garage. A sectional concrete garage is likely to be as much as 75% cheaper than a brick built equivalent. This is mainly due to the construction method which is vastly more efficient with a sectional building. With the concrete panels being pre-manufactured on a large scale they are much more cost effective to manufacture and install.


Another of the major reasons why you should buy a concrete garage is time based. Building a brick garage would usually take a good couple of weeks, from pouring the foundations to handing over the keys. Possibly even longer for a larger or double garage. That’s a considerable amount of time to deal with your property essentially being a building site. Our installation teams will erect a sectional concrete garage in a matter of hours!

Our lead times are also relatively short. From the moment you place your garage order the whole project could be complete in as little as two weeks.

Strength & Rigidity

As sectional concrete garages are made of panels, does this mean they are not as structurally sound? Far from it, we manufacture some of the thickest heaviest concrete panels in the garage industry. With each panel weighing in around 100kg an averaged sized single Lidget Compton sectional garage weighs in excess of 2.5 tonnes. So if you decide on a sectional concrete garage be sure to ask how thick and heavy the panels are. Very few will match those of a Lidget Compton building.                                                                The steel roof purlins we use on our Apex garages and galvanised steel C-section rafters used on our flat roofed Pent garages are incredibly strong and robust, meaning that Lidget Compton garages are very strong, sturdy and built to last.


The installation of a sectional concrete garage is also much less invasive and messy than a brick built building. There is no need for piles of bricks to be lying around, which could represent a trip hazard if they are not screened off. There is also no need for piles of sand and cement which can make a considerable mess around your property.

Planning Permission

Another reason you should buy a concrete garage is that in a lot of cases they don’t need planning permission. This is particularly true of our Pent and Pent Mansard models. This is because they fall below the 2.5m ridge height limit that usually triggers a need for planning permission. However, regulations do vary in different areas so we always recommend checking with your local authority or with the governments Planning Portal first.

Modern Designs

The humble concrete garage has been much maligned over the years and for a long time was seen as a utilitarian building, the pebbledash wall finish sometimes seen as a necessity rather than something to be desired.

But things have moved on and we now offer a wide range of alternative wall finishes to help you match your building to your house or just the general environment where it will be located. Offering more reasons why you should buy a concrete garage.

Among the choices are sectional or stone wall finishes in a range of 7 colour styles, a textured render finish in a choice of 4 stylish colours and even a PVCu timber effect cladding in a choice of 6 contemporary colours. Then there is the huge variety of door, window and optional extras available so you can really make your building unique to you, and with our bespoke Design&Build service, tell us what you want and our engineers will design it for you (within reason!).

Portability (to a point)

While it may not be possible in all cases, quite often sectional buildings can be moved. So if for example at some point in the future you decided you wanted your building further down your garden, in theory it should be possible to move it. It is also possible you could take it with you if you moved house!

So why choose Lidget Compton?

So now we’ve established some of the reasons why you should buy a concrete garage let’s consider some of the reasons you should buy a Lidget Compton concrete garage.

– Quality

First and foremost our products speak for themselves, we use only the highest quality materials and as we have mentioned manufacture some of the thickest, heaviest concrete wall panels in the industry.

Our buildings are supplied with up and over main doors from Hormann and GDS. While our steel personnel doors were designed to our spec by GDS and are exclusive to Lidget Compton in the UK sectional garage industry.

– Garage Experts & Display Sites Nationwide

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of sectional concrete garages, sheds and garden buildings we also have the widest network of garage experts on hand across the country to give you advice and help in finding your perfect building. In fact we have show models on display at over 90 sites across the UK, from Aberdeen to Kent!

Our network of authorised agents can provide a range of services. From laying a concrete base. Removal and disposal of old buildings. To providing planning advice and giving quotes on the entire Lidget Compton range of sectional buildings.

– Customer Care

We can also offer unrivalled levels of customer service with dedicated Customer Care Teams servicing the whole of the UK. So in the unlikely event of an issue we can solve it quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

– 10 year Structural Guarantee

Our no nonsense 10 year structural guarantee is there to provide you with peace of mind. As an established family company for over 30 years you can rest assured that we will be here as long as your garage is!

So you can see there are plenty of reasons why you should buy a concrete garage. And why you should buy one from Lidget Compton. To find out more about our market leading range why not visit our product pages. Or request a copy of our latest brochure and price list.

If you have already decided that a sectional concrete building is the one for you and want to take a look at our buildings up close. Or you simply want to find out more from your local authorised Lidget Compton garage expert, try our handy Agent Finder.

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