Pent Canopy Roof Garden Rooms Launched!

Pent canopy roof garden rooms are a really popular choice these days for customers searching for modern and stylish garden buildings. At Lidget Compton, the UK’s leading concrete garage, shed and garden building manufacturer, we are proud to add garden rooms with a pent canopy roof to our extensive range! This brand new range based on our already popular Apex Garden Room, is a stunning addition to the range.

Pent Canopy Garden Room

Pent Canopy Roof Garden Rooms Features

Timber Effect PVCu Cladding Finish All of our new pent garden rooms are finished in our stylish PVCu timber effect cladding. Available in a range of colours this virtually maintenance free cladding is a great alternative to timber as unlike timber it won’t rot, warp or split. It also doesn’t need sanding and painting periodically. In fact the only maintenance it needs is a simple wipe down with soapy water.

Stylish Canopy Roof This modern style of roof, new to Lidget Compton features a canopy overhang to the front of building. Why not add recessed lights to it for some extra style, or add hanging lanterns? There are so many ways to customise your new garden room.

PVCu Double Glazed Patio Doors Our new pent canopy roof garden rooms all feature PVCu double glazed, double patio doors. We also have other doors available to customise your building just how you want it.

Full Height PVCu Double Glazed Window Units All of the garden rooms in this range feature two full height glazed PVCu window units as standard. You can also customise your building further and choose from the other windows we have available.

PVCu Guttering These all new garden rooms feature PVCu gutters and downpipe to the rear of the building, available in a choice of either Black, White or Brown.

Sand/cement Fillet A sand/cement fillet is applied to the interior base of the panels around the building to help prevent water ingress. Please be advised that the fillet is NOT a water tight seal, it is only designed to help prevent moisture and debris from getting under the panels.

Cladding Colour Options


Our new range of pent garden rooms are available in the following sizes;

Width: 8′ / 10′ / 12′ / 14′ / 16′

Length 8′ / 10′ / 12′