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Buying The Right Garden Room

Buying the right garden room. Garden rooms are a fantastic way of increasing storage space, creating a quiet sanctuary away from the house or even be used as a children’s playroom.

Buying the right garden room to suit your needs can therefore depend on a number of factors. Today we are going to take a look at the main things to consider when looking at buying a garden room.

Garden rooms from Lidget Compton come in wide range of different sizes and styles. And depending on usage can be lined out and insulated to make a real home from home. You can find out more about insulating and lining a Lidget Compton building in our handy guide here.

Garden Room Ideas

Probably the single most important factor in buying the right garden room is the intended use. Here we will look at some of the potential uses for a Lidget Compton garden room.

Summer House or reading room

If your requirement is for a simple room to sit and relax in, a Lidget Compton garden room could be the perfect solution. With a wide range of glazed PVC window units available you can maximise the natural light coming into your building.

Man Cave / She Shed

Man caves and she-sheds are becoming increasingly popular, with many people choosing to convert their garage space. But a concrete shed from Lidget Compton is the perfect solution. There are so many different ways to create your perfect space. Maybe you want somewhere to entertain friends, create your own bar, watch your favourite sports on tv, or somewhere to put a pool table, the list is almost endless!

Children’s Playroom

Tired of tripping over the kids toys scattered around the house? A Lidget Compton garden room can solve this problem. By giving children their own safe play room by buying the right garden room will help free up much needed space in your home. By choosing full height glazed panels you can also keep an eye on what’s going on inside without being in the room!

Craft Room or art studio

Garden rooms also make a great craft room or art studio and again can help free up space in the home. One of the major benefits to using a garden room for this purpose is that you don’t need to pack everything away every time you have finished working.

Music Room

Over the years Lidget Compton have sold numerous garden rooms to be used as music rooms. So if you or your children are budding guitarists or drummers a garden room could be the perfect solution. Your own quiet space to make as much noise as you like!

Garden Home Office

With increasing numbers working from home these days finding somewhere to actually work can be a challenge. Therefore, installing a Lidget Compton prefab garden office gives you the privacy and space to work in a dedicated area at home.

Garden Home Gym

Bulky gym equipment can sometimes be hard to find space for. A Lidget Compton garden room would give you all the space you need. Although, please be advised that the roof trusses are not designed to hang gym equipment from.

The list of uses for a Lidget Compton garden room is almost endless. So when looking at buying the right garden room be sure to consider what you need the space for first.

Garden Room Aesthetics

Another important factor when looking at buying the right garden room is how you want it to look. Do you want it to match your house or blend in with its environment?

Lidget Compton offer a huge range of wall finishes, roof options and colour options to help you accomplish this.

The standard garden room wall finish is spar (pebble dash) but other options include;

Our website has plenty of information on the different colour options available.

There are also three different roof styles available;

  • Standard Apex with fibre cement roof sheets in a choice of 6 colours
  • Apex 15 with terracotta bold roll tile effect roof sheets
  • Apex 20 fully lined roof with galvanised steel pantile profile tile effect roof sheets in a choice of 6 colours.

Doors and windows

When deciding on buying the right garden room you can also look at customising the building with a wide range of different window and door options, from PVCu fixed or opening windows to full height glazed panels and patio doors. Doors, windows and fascias are also available in different colours;

  • Standard white PVCu
  • ‘Decograin’ woodgrain effect in Golden or Rosewood
  • Contemporary Anthracite PVCu

The choice is huge!

Garden Room Planning Permission

When buying the right garden room it is also prudent to consider any planning issues you may run into. As a general rule garden rooms are considered permitted developments. In most cases planning would only be required if;

  • The garden room is to be located very close to a boundary
  • If the ridge height is over 2.5m

Lidget Compton Apex garden rooms fall below the 2.5m limit. However, larger Apex 15 and Apex 20 garden rooms exceed this limit. In all cases we recommend checking with your local authority before deciding on buying the right garden room. The governments Planning Portal website contains lots of information related to planning.

As we have demonstrated here there are a number of important factors to consider when buying the right garden room. Finally, if you need help in making your decision our sales team are here to help, or you could contact your local approved Lidget Compton building specialist by using our handy Agent Finder.

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